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Africa Destinations

South Africa is a vast land where you and your family can spend bonding time and moments. South Africa is a great place for a family vacation.
Rafting On A Couples Only Jamaica Vacation
It's easy to find an all inclusive vacation in Jamaica but the majority are for families. That's great for people with kids and fine for those who don't mind having kids around at their holiday res...
Racial Disparity in Tourism Business in South Africa
I have been working as a tourist guide for 8 years and I have seen a very slow transformation in this sector. This is why I intend highlighting the imbalances characterising this lucrative business be...
A Charming Bed and Breakfast Guesthouse in Montego Bay Jamaica
Why stay in a five star hotel in Jamaica when you can have the comforts of home and the personal attention at Polkerris in Montego Bay, and it makes it an affordable vacationFor those seeking an affor...
A Mauritius Luxury Holiday At The Shanti Ananda
A Mauritius Luxury Holiday is a dream for most of us, and recently Mauritius has become a real place for a honeymoon. To honeymoon in Mauritius or to make a decision about which hotel to choose for yo...
Why The African Lion Could Become A Distant Memory
Ready for an African lion safari? It's no secret free ranging lion populations have been on the decline in Africa. The king of the jungle has been humbled in recent years by human progress and despit...
Africa's Algeria
Algeria is bordered by Tunisia to the north east, Libya to the east, Niger to the south east, Mali and Mauritania to the south west, and Morocco. Algeria is only a few kilometers away from its annexed...
South Africa Holidays
South Africa is one of the best places to visit. Because South Africa have nice sight seeing places like rivers, lakes, forests, wild life, mountains and much more. So in all means it is the best plac...
Cairo, Egypt by Night
Whether conventional or chic, there are a wide variety of places to have a drink in Cairo. Nearly every street in the city also supplies access to a traditional coffee house, which has served as a com...
Planning Your Trip to South Africa - From Cape Town to Pretoria
South Africa is known as the "Rainbow Nation" and with a tainted past, it has emerged as one of the fastest growing and most popular vacation destinations in the world. A trip to South Africa is lik...
A Wine Drenched Tour Along The Red Route of Paarl, South Africa
Now that the work has already been done, what else can you and I do but savour the delicate fruits pressed with decades of winemaking experience and travel the newly formed routes leading us to the fi...
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