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Backpacking isnt complicated. In fact, its simplicity is what makes it so attractive. With only your pack on your back, there are no limits to what you can do or see.
How To Think Like An Ultralight Backpacker
How does an ultralight backpacker think? A reporter for a backpacking magazine asked me this in a  recent interview. I've gone backpacking in winter conditions with as little as eleven pounds total ...
Backpackers Checklist
The checklist here includes the essentials for camping in the backcountry. I've also included some hot tips and links to necessary gear which can keep the load to a minimum and yet not compromise t...
Backpacking Hostels
A hostel is an excellent cheap form of accommodation. Backpacker Hostels provide a social setting. Most hostels offer private rooms and dormitories. Private rooms are usually singles, twins or doubles...
Ultralight Backpacking List - 3 Days, 10 Pounds
Here's an ultralight backpacking list, an example of what I typically take on a weekend hike. We're all different in our needs and skills, though, so please don't take it as a recomendation. My lis...
Ultralight Backpacks - The Lightest
Why ultralight backpacks? Devotees of ultralight backpacking know you reduce your packweight most by concentrating on the "big three;" backpack, shelter, and sleeping bag. Forget those 6-pound backp...
Picnic Backpack: Why you Should Go for It
Camping and picnic is one of the most favourite outdoor activities that people love to do whenever they have a free time, especially during weekend holiday. You may go camping picnic with family and f...
Stockholm A Great Destination That Is Kind To Your Budget
Leaders from both continents may have different opinions about world politics, but US travelers love Europe, just like Europeans love to see the US. Some American tour operators and travel agencies ev...
Sleeping Bag Advice - Which Sleeping Bag Should I Buy?
SLEEPING BAGSAbout Sleeping BagsBeing comfortable and warm at night is crucial for enjoyment of the outdoors, so a good sleeping bag is a vital piece of camping equipm
Travel Insurance Types
Travel insurance is designed to cover any financial loss while travelling abroad or within your own country.
Backpacking Recipes - The Simplest
I need simple backpacking recipes because there is never a stove in my backpack, even on week-long trips in the wilderness. I often backpack with less than fifteen pounds total pack weight, and total ...
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