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Backpackers Checklist

The checklist here includes the essentials for camping in the backcountry. I've also included some hot tips and links to necessary gear which can keep the load to a minimum and yet not compromise the gear's performance. This checklist can be modified and adjusted as necessary.

Backpacker's Checklist of the Essentials:

_____ Backpack
_____ Water filtration system
_____ Tent
_____ Topographical Map
_____ Sleeping Bag- down or synthetic
_____ Tarp and Rope
_____ Sleeping Pad- lightweight, self-inflating or closed cell
_____ Headlamp/Waterproof Flashlight
_____ Stove/Fuel Canister
_____ Hiking Shoes
_____ Pots/Pans- aluminum pie plates for serving
_____ Rain/Wind Gear
_____ Cooking/ eating utensils/ Drinking Cup
_____ Insulating Layers: Capilene and/or Fleece Down Jacket
_____ Camp Suds/Camp towel
_____ First Aid Kit
_____ Leatherman/multipurpose tool
____ Fire Starter Kit
_____ Small Pillow Case
_____ Insect Repellent

HOT TIP: If your lightweight down jacket (see North Face down jacket or Patagonia Down Sweater) travels with you even in the summer months, stuff it in the pillow case. Instant pillow.

Firestarter Kit

_____ Birthday Candles (the "trick" ones)
_____ Firestarter Sticks (small)
_____ Dry Tinder
_____ Matches with Waterproof container
_____ Cotton Balls (include in your first aid kit)

HOT TIP: Soak your cotton balls in neosporin (included in your first aid kit) and use them as fire starters under your dry tinder.

They may not be in the checklist, but don't forget your hiking poles. Your body will thank you for remembering them.

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