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An Exclusive Four Star Beachfront All Suite Resort On Reduit Beach St Lucia

Looking for an exclusive four star all suite beachfront hotel on St Lucia that acts like it is a five star resort, then check out Bay Gardens Beach Resort

An All Suite Hotel called the Bay Gardens Beach Resort is beachfront on the world famous Reduit Beach at Rodney Bay. This is a new luxury four star hotel which has one bedroom suites with full kitchen and dining area, and interconnecting doors enabling two bedroom luxury suites. The whole thing overlooks the quite superb Reduit Beach often described as one of the best in the Caribbean.

Bay Gardens Beach Resort is at the end of Reduit beach making it so much more private than other hotels on the beach. The little touches you hope for at an exclusive resort but don't always get are there, such as sunbeds on the beach for guests with wooden umbrellas and even a table. There is a security patrol so you get almost no hassle from vendors on the beach. There is also a limited beach drinks service. You can also buy fruit from the legendary Fruit Man boat.

A beachfront suite is ideal, and the one bedroom suites are honestly large enough for a family of four, and the two bedroom suites more than enough for the average family with large teenagers.

Bay Gardens Beach Resort will really impress you, because everything is new, the décor, the sheer scale and size of the rooms are very impressive, and the view from the large verandas is absolutely stunning of the glorious two mile long beach and the turquoise sea.

The kitchen is a real bonus, because with the recent weakness of the US Dollar, many Americans do find the meals, and eating out in St Lucia rather expensive. Nevertheless Bay Gardens Beach Resort is within easy walking distance of a lot of restaurants and bars. The bars nearly all have happy hours, two drinks for the price of one, and there are Indian, Chinese, Steakhouse, Fish, Italian Pizza restaurants, many of whom are reasonably priced. This is as well because eating in the resort is expensive, and the all inclusive option denies you the chance to try the local places.

Well worth trying is Spinnakers, Razmataz, are both worth visiting and eating at.

You can easily stock up on provisions at the market up the road, the fruit being especially good, thus making breakfast a simple meal to eat on the veranda.

When you talk to local people they are all dismayed about the rash of all inclusive hotels in St Lucia. The problem for them is that these sort of hotels actively discourage their guests from going out of the resort, so local restaurant trade suffers, as do taxi drivers, and businesses in general.

One of the outstanding features of the Bay Gardens Beach Resort is the friendliness of the staff, who all go out of their way to help you have a good time. It is a lovely all suite hotel, making a good fist of becoming an exclusive resort, and the fact it is a beachfront resort at the end of the beautiful Reduit Beach helps enormously. This is a good quality four star hotel and if you book it for your holiday in St Lucia you shouldn't be disappointed.

About The Author Kelly Wilson runs St Lucia Vacation Spots as well as being a contributor on occasions to Worldwide Vacation Spots and he thinks it would be worth your while to check out Caribbean Vacation Spots especially any information you can find about St Lucia, the best of the Caribbean Islands
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