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Combine An African Safari With A Beach Vacation In Kenya

Many people dream of going on an African Safari. A safari evokes exotic destinations, amazing natural wildlife, adventure travel, a touch of danger and romance, photographic opportunities and lasting memories. An African safari is still an unusual vacation choice that your friends will want to know all about when you get back.

Kenya in East Africa offers a unique way to combine beach and safari destinations in a very special vacation experience. You can easily put together a once in a lifetime holiday to take in Kenya's astonishingly rich wildlife as well as time to enjoy the wonderful Indian Ocean beaches.

A beach and safari break in Kenya is an exotic getaway from the daily routines of city life. It also makes for the ideal honeymoon for newly weds, with time to relax as well as a touch of adventure.

East Africa, including Kenya, does not yet have a high profile as a holiday destination in America, but is growing in reputation as a unique vacation experience. Europeans, and the British in particular, have less distance to travel to Africa, and have been been the mainstay of Kenyan tourism, attracted by the unique mix of the tropical beach and African safari vacation. Luxury vacations have become more affordable as European currencies have strengthened, prompting investment in Kenyan tourist facilities.

With near perfect weather for vacationers, Kenya is an ideal holiday destination. The May to July rainy season consists of heavy but short tropical downfalls that are unlikely to disrupt holiday activities, making a Kenyan vacation attractive all year round.

Kenya offers an abundance of activities and entertainment. The excitement of a safari adventure combined with time to relax and take it easy in a peaceful and secure beach resort makes for a distinctive Kenyan experience.

Most of the Kenyan beach resorts and hotels are located about an hour's drive from Mombasa Airport. They offer sandy beaches and swimming in the warm Indian Ocean. There is a choice of accommodation for all pockets, from budget hotels to top level luxury five star resorts.

You have numerous safari expedition choices available. The Tsavo National Parks are not far from the beach resorts. For many visitors, one or two nights away on safari more than fulfills their expectations, or longer if you wish. You can choose to make your trip simple or luxurious with many options available.

Traveling further to Nairobi, you can experience your safari in the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Luxury facilities and safari themed accommodation in a 4-5 night expedition will more than complement a luxury beach resort vacation on the coast. You can choose other options as you wish.

You are likely to see a broader variety of wildlife in the Masai Mara compared to the Tsave National Parks, but either experience offers a thrilling few days viewing the abundant African wild animals in their natural habitat, guided by expert safari guides to make sure you will be able to see the wildlife from close at hand in safety. Whatever safari excursion you choose is sure to be eventful and memorable.

A beach and African safari vacation in Kenya is an exciting choice, with options available to suit both travelers on a budget and those seeking a luxury experience.
About The Author Shelby Wright strongly recommends you consider the unique travel adventure experience of seeing African wildlife in its natural habitat by choosing from the exciting African Safari tours that are on offer. You are welcome to reprint this article - but get your own unique content version here.
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