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Beautiful Beach Cyprus Property and 320 Days of Sunshine

A beautiful beach Cyprus property is many peoples idea of a dream come true and more people than ever before are now able to live the Cyprus dream. With property prices in Cyprus still cheaper than other parts of Europe this beautiful Island paradise is fast becoming one of the fastest developing property hotspots in the Mediterranean. Despite this escalating market values are still holding out against the odds which is great news for any would be Cyprus property investors out there wishing to cash in on this thriving market.

Beautiful beach Cyprus property can still be purchased in most locations at very realistic prices with a typical Cyprus beach view apartment with all mod cons costing around 40% less than a comparable property in inner city U.K. Wow! Faced with that kind of choice (sun and sea verses cold and traffic) there shouldn't be any plausible reasons not to buy some beautiful Cyprus property. Of course the nearer you get to the coast or beach the more you should expect to pay for your Cyprus beach property or should you?

As more and more property has been built in Cyprus close to the main resorts developers are starting to look further afield. We aren't talking about tens of miles here though because there are still lots of unspoilt villages dotted along the coast within a short car journey of the larger towns. Prices of Cyprus beach property in these areas can be up to 50% cheaper than closer to the main holiday resorts! Therefore they are well worth a look not least for the fact that as development in Cyprus continues even beach property in these areas could appreciate in value considerably.

Other factors such as the superb coastal motor way linking all the main towns and a continued investment in local infrastructures such as shops ect make property purchase in these Cyprus coastal areas all the more viable. Most of these small Cyprus towns or villages will already have a thriving community of shops and small businesses anyway that have been in the same families for generations. The Cypriot people are arguably the friendliest you will have the pleasure of meeting so settling into a small local Cyprus community should be smooth and stress free for just about anyone.

The other great thing about owning property in Cyprus that is close to the beach is of course it's usability for your friends and family. In fact many Cyprus beach property owners have earned a reasonable income from holiday rentals including longer term holiday lets through the winter months (if you could class minimum temperatures of 16-18c as a winter). These Cyprus winter rentals are especially appealing to retired couples escaping the cold and damp of the U.K. for the winter months.

All in all a beautiful Cyprus beach property in just about any coastal location makes a sensible proposition as either a personal holiday home or even a real estate investment. You, your family and friends will be able to look forward to years of great holidays in the warm Cyprus sun whilst you sit back and watch your investment grow year on year. The only danger is that so many would be Cyprus property buyers get fired up about the advantages of owning a home in the sun whilst they are on holiday there only to go home and talk themselves out of it.

Imagine where you could be in say five years from now, the proud owner of a beautiful Cyprus beach apartment or villa or one of the many "nearly owners" who hesitated until prices had risen beyond their reach. The bottom line is that historically property purchase (for most of us at least) has always been a struggle. The payments always seem to be just a little more than we think we could afford and many decide to wait in the vain hope that they will be better off in the future. It never happens! Property prices continue to rise and what once seemed expensive fifteen, ten or even five years ago now seems like it was a property bargain at the time. That's when we all kick ourselves and say "if only". Don't be one of the "if only" get in now before the property market in Cyprus leaves you behind.

About The Author Kevin Moore owns several Cyprus web sites and writes regular articles about this beautiful Island paradise including the advantages of owning property in Cyprus. Why not take a quick look here Beautiful Cyprus Beach Property
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