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Italy Guide

While Rome and Venice are excellent travel destinations, you canít really go wrong in Italy. For the adventurous, set your itinerary with the old map on a wall and dart technique.
Ancient Rome Gives Us Domus Aurea - Nero's Golden House
Recently Rome opened the Golden House of Nero to public viewing and it is an attraction not to be missed. It is interesting that the ruins were discovered long ago during the Renaissance but it was i...
Italy as a Center of Tourism
Traveling around the world one can visit a lot of beautiful places, for example, Rome, Milan, and Naples. All of them are very popular and outstanding, but still Rome deserves much attention. It is th...
Guide To Rome Airport
Rome Airport, full name Rome Leonardo Da Vinci Fuimicino Airport , is reputed to be the second largest European gateway. It claims to service a total of 30+ million people annually and is rising year ...
Art History Holidays In Italy
Birthplace of the Renaissance and for centuries the centre of Western Civilisation, Italy has made an immense contribution to Europe's historical and cultural heritage. Holiday makers with an interes...
The Journal of a Gardener in Tuscany - March 2004 Part II
Blossoms and the Busy SeasonMarch 27th 2004 This is the start of the busy season in the garden centres as they are all stocking plants which means gardeners everywhere are breaking from their winte...
A Quick Tour of Italy - the Romagna Subregion
If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. It may be the only region of Italy named for a road, one constructed by the Ancient Romans ...
Italy: Why Lake Garda is worth a visit
Foreign travellers have been visiting Italy for decades, drawn by the scenery, culture and history that are so intrinsic to Italian life. While Hemmingway took delight in his stays in Venice, many oth...
Rome: Powerful Empire, Great Tourist Destination
Rome was founded as far back 753 BC by the twins, Romulus and Remus. It grew substantially until it became the Roman Empire which was ruled by an Emperor from the year 27 BC. The Roman Empire became a...
Holiday in Style, in Florence and Tuscany
The one thing everyone looks forward to is their annual holiday. Normally, they plan a trip to the country side or the hills, for change in weather and to explore unknown territory. But the dream that...
St. Peter's Basilica - A Vatican Highlight When In Rome
St. Peter's Basilica, otherwise known as Basilica di San Pietro has always been a tremendously popular attraction of tourists to Rome. Visitors to the site can happily pass a day taking in all there...
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