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Discount Lodging in Orlando Florida

AARP: AARP is a membership organization dedicated to enhancing the experience of aging through advocacy, information, and services. This service geared towards the senior citizens has many benefits which include travel.

AAA: This automotive assistance website can help you while on trips with any accidents and breakdowns that occur with rentals or your own vehicle. They also offer free and accurate travel maps and discounts towards discount lodging and rentals.

Employee Discounts Many companies make discounts for travel and discount lodging available to its employees, check with your workplace to find out if this is available to you.

BJs Wholesale club This discount retailer makes discount, coupons, and specials available to its members and employees.

Credit Unions Many credit unions and banks offer discount lodging to their members and at times have specials for travel and booking reservations as well.

As with all discounts check your local areas near you to see what is available that you may already be eligible for or enrolled in.

Discount Lodging Memberships
If you are like many others out there you may travel often. Perhaps work keeps you on airplanes and in hotels on a regular basis. If this is the case you may have a great way to go on your next trip for free or very cheaply. Call the airlines you use regularly or all of the ones you use and register as a frequent flyer. You will earn miles as you fly which you can redeem for reduced low cost fares or free flights after accruing a certain number of miles. This can help offset many travel and vacation related costs. Next you will want to call the hotel chains you regularly use and register with them as an often returning guest. This membership or club will earn you reward points which are redeemable in the same was as frequent flyer miles for discount and free lodging for a certain period of time. This can qualify you for free or reduced cost discount lodging.

Hotel chains which regularly offer discount lodging:
Econo Lodges 800-424-6423
Hilton Hotels 800-445-8667
Holiday Inn 800-462-4329
Howard Johnson's 800-446-4656
Hyatt Hotels 800-233-1234
La Quinta Motor Inns 800-257-5473
Marriott Hotels 800-228-9290
Quality Inns 800-424-6423
Radisson Hotels 800-333-3333
Ramada Inns 800-228-2828
Sheraton Hotels 800-325-3535
Westin Hotels 800-228-3000
Hilton Honors-
Island Hideaway-877-257-2582

Discount Lodging Online
Lodging discounts can be found online through a number of very good reliable sites that offer printable coupons and can even redeem reward points earned with different hotels and other memberships. Several sites that offer discount lodging and information on low cost rates include: This site contains a wealth of information related to travel and costs. It includes a worldwide listing of hotels and discount lodging including their websites and contact information. Another excellent site that also includes the ability to book reservations with villas, resorts, and attractions. You may also find special rates and discounts using this site.

Hotel Vacation packages, family discount, group rates, and a browsing by city are all features of this site. Select your preferences and go.

Bid on One of the most informative sites online with information about how to obtain the cheapest rates and discount lodging available. Bid on Travel includes detailed information on hotels, rental cars, and airfare as well as sections dedicated to many other topics. There is a tutorial on last minute planning, as well as basics. This is a dont miss site for your information needs.

Cheap Lodging Online
One of the best resources in your quest for cheap lodging is access to the internet. There are hundreds of thousands of internet sites with information available about travel and cost savings. In addition to each of the websites of the hotel chains with areas focused upon their low cost accommodations there are also dedicated sites to travel savings. Some of these include:

Orlando Hotels Cheap This site lists area hotels near all of your favorite attractions. The lodging accommodations are ordered by star rating. Additionally the site lists hotel phone and address information, provides maps, and daily/weekly rate information on more than 70 hotels in the Orlando area.

Travelocity A very popular internet site that will give you access to lodging, flight, and rental information in addition to sections dedicated to travel tips and a list of items commonly needed when planning a vacation.

Cheap Lodging
Cheap lodging doesnt have to take a lot of time or effort to find. Getting low cost and discount lodging can be as simple as speaking to a travel agency, the hotel, or your AAA membership to find out what cheap lodging they offer.

To find cheap lodging you will need information about how to save costs. Sources for information are all over and range from your local library to online websites. A good suggestion is to take a trip to your local library where you will have access to a lot of magazine and paper based information as well as a computer with internet access. Most libraries have computers with access, if yours does not then simply use a friends computer or take a trip to the local internet cafe and spend some time surfing the web for information. Some common sources for low cost or special hotel lodging may be found right in your own home.

First you might want to take a look inside your wallet or records and see what memberships you already belong to and which might offer discount or cheap lodging. As with all other plans waiting till the last minute will cost you so be sure to plan ahead and start your inquiries well before your vacation.

Your local news paper, Sunday paper, or magazines in your home may have advertisements for holiday lodging accommodations or booking deals on reservations.
Search through and cut out advertisements, coupons, or information that can help you find the best prices.

There are many more means of finding cheap lodging for your vacation.

Cheap Lodging
So you want to take a vacation but you are short on time and are worried that your last minute planning will cost you. In order to minimize costs in this scenario you may have to invest some extra effort to locate and arrange cheap lodging for yourself and family. This does not have to be a losing proposition however; you can still manage to obtain discount lodging near or close to your main attractions during your vacation.
Check out what Travelocity, or has done for those with last minute needs in mind. There are even sites dedicated to vacation plans with minimal time. Of course planning in advance will help you find the best prices, but when time is short you will need to prioritize costs and find the best ways to locate low cost discount lodging.

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