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Paris Guide

A tourist to the wonderful City of Light as it is fondly called has unlimited attractions to view. Paris has millions of tourists every year who are taken in by its exquisite beauty.
Visit Le Centre Pompidou the Next Time You Visit Paris
Le Centre Pompidou is an enormous complex, it opens its doors every day from 11 am until 9pm, some exhibitions are even open until 11pm. But it always best to buy your tickets upfront and best after 5...
Shop Till You Drop In Paris
Loose yourself at Le Grand ComptoirIf you find yourself in the 7th district, take some time to stop by 116 Rue du Bac and check out the Grand Comptoir (the Big Counter), a luminous and refined shoppin...
What's the oldest bar in Paris?
Lets begin by wandering down rue Mazarine from the Odeon square. Bingo? We almost immediately come on Le Procope, where a plaque affirms it is "the oldest cafe in the world".It opened in 1686, mai...
A Temporary Paris Coup
It's know fact that Europeans have been avid vacation apartment dwellers for decades. This craze is now hitting American eventhough it's very common to rent a summer home in the Hamptons and Cape Co...
Four High Spots to See Paris From Above
To my friends who take the trip to Paris I always recommend to look up while walking. Paris should not be visited at eye level only; there is much to be seen upstairs, just like in New York City...
Hotels Inside the City of Paris
Most hotels in Paris are located near the main tourist areas so that visitors can see the beauty and the beautiful scenery of this French capital.Paris is the capital of France. It is located at the S...
I Love Touring Paris - the Twelfth Arrondissement
The twelfth arrondissement is situated on the Right Bank of the Seine River in eastern Paris. It is home to one of Paris's largest parks, the Bois de Vincennes which is described below. Its land area...
I Love Touring Paris - the Seventh Arrondissement
The seventh arrondissement is located on the Left Bank of the Seine River. It hosts several major government institutions and some very important tourist attractions. This lovely district occupies abo...
Paris Is An Incredible Destination To Spend A Wonderful Vacation
Paris, acknowledged as the 'City of Lights,' is the largest as well as the capital city of France, located on the Seine River, in the heart of the Ile-de-France region. Also the capital of the Franc...
Discovering Paris – arrondissement 1
Just like many big cities, Paris consists of departments, each with its own history, its own spirit and charm. Each of them lives its own life, the left bank is unlike the right one, and some even say...
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