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Galapagos Islands Weather

Although the Galapagos Islands are located on the equator, the temperature of the oceanic surface varies vastly, between 7 and 28C. The islands also suffer drastic changes. The period between January and March is considered the hot and humid season, being March the hottest month in the year; during this season the plants are plentiful and the temperature of the water is ideal for diving in Galapagos. In the time of July to September less rains are presented and the islands are more dry, but fresher; the temperature of the water diminishes considerably, but it is the ideal season to observe more aquatic life, since the animals prefer the cold currents.   The principle regulator of the climate of the Galapagos Islands is the temperature of the surface and the oceanic currents, this created weather levels that influence the habitats, flora and fauna of each of the Galapagos Island. Take special care about these facts when you choose the time of the year to visit the islands. The climate will help you choose what you want to see and make, since not all the animals are present during the whole year.
About The Author Eric Castro Mattas chief editor of Posicionarte in Quito, Ecuador.
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