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Telling you about Salou and Valencia by hotelcompany

Salou is a very big tourist attraction in Spain. It is a city in the center of Catalonia and is about 10 km from Tarragona on the Costa Daurada and less then a 100 km from Barcelona. Salou is full of beautifull beaches and coves. The biggest tourist attraction in Salou is called Port Aventura that was formerly from Universal Studios. Salou also has a very long history and used to be used as a port by as well Greeks as Romans. Later in history Salou became a nest of pirates and was from then on considered a unsafe place. Around 1500 the Archbischop mad a defence tower to make the place more safe. Around 1850 they started building a railway station and opened a new chapter in Salou's book what eventually resulted in the huge tourist attraction Salou is today. Salou has a Mediterranean climate and the town contains many theme and waterparks like Costa Cariba and Port Aventura. Port Aventura is a theme park resort where many tourist go. The most famous attractions in this theme park are the B&M and the Dragon. Salou also has a very big Prommenade called the Passeig Jaume and is a very beautifull promenade and one of the most famous landmarks of Salou. And now I will tell you more about Valencia, Valencia is the capital of the Province with the same name in Spain. It is a very big industrial area and is the third largest city in Spain. Also in Europe Valencia is a very big city with its population of around 2 million inhabitants. Valencia means strength and is founded in 137BC and is occupied by the Moors and the Visigoths. Today Valancia is a city full of Architecture for example the streets of Barria del Carmen contain buildings dating back to Roman and Arabic times. There is a beautifull Gothic Cathedral with a Roman and Baroque touch. And if you like shopping there is a very modern central Market. A famous architect is born in Valencia and made the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences. But that is not all this buildinbg also has a cinema, an oceanic park and even an opera. I have been there and I loved the great restaurants there and I thought the Music Palaca was really beautiful. Valencia also has a lot of Gardens and squares, the biggest square is valled the Place de l'ajuntament. Another famous place is the Place de la Verge what also contains the Turia FountainNo matter if you go to Salou or to Valencia I am sure you will have a great time, I have been in both places and I think Salou is a cooler place to go to for youngsters and Valencia is something for all ages. There are several things you can do in both cities like shopping, clubbging, sightseeing and a whole lot more. And maybe you can write your own story about the place and submit it here so everyone can read what you have seen and done.
About The Author I'm an Marketing manager and I'd like to say the following to the readers. No matter if you book a Valencia Hotel, a Salou hotel, Sevilla hotel you will be sure to have a great holiday. This article can give you a good idea where to go.
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Telling you about Salou and Valencia by hotelcompany
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