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Visit Australia

Australian vacations can take you into the outback where you can see the real Australia that you have only seen on television.
When You Get To Australias Gold Coast
The calendar of events listed below is by no means exhaustive. So for more information about holidaying at the Gold Coast, make sure you look through our website at Gold Coast Surfboards January The M...
Five Star Vacation Apartments in Perth Western Australia
If you are looking for a luxury vacation in a place known for its laid-back lifestyle where the days are always sunny and the air is always clean, then it is about time that you visited Perth.Perth is...
Visit Sydney: The Travellers Paradise
For the 10th consecutive year Sydney has been voted the world's best city (Top 10 Cities Overall) by the international "Travel & Leisure Magazine". It scored an 87 per cent approval rating among tr...
Best Diving Resorts In Australia
Australia is similar to its Pacific neighbors in many ways. But when it comes to the best diving resorts, Australia has it all with the greatest reefs and the clearest waters. Diving in Australia, whe...
Bunbury Western Australia - A Holiday Destination For All
Bunbury is located approximately 172kms south of Perth. Bunbury is a water wonderland visited by day trippers and holiday makers alike all year round. The towns population is approximately 30,000 and....
Australian cuisine
Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and diverse in the world: from meat cakes and vegetarian sandwiches to kangaroo fillet with fried onion. The cuisine reached its prosperity not so long ago...
Visit Australia's Great Ocean Road, travel Australia, Aussie vacations, Australian destinations, holiday in Australia
If you are visiting Melbourne, why not spend some extra time exploring Victoria, Australia's southernmost mainland state. One of the most popular tours is the Great Ocean Road and to discover its na...
Australia's Fraser Island Escape Forever
For all its conveniences, modern living leaves a lot to be desired. We spend our days enduring the ever-increasing pressures of work, the citys oppressive unfriendliness, the daily commuter grind a...
Penguin Parade
Phillip Island is a small island and nature reserve off the coast of South Australia, about 140 km from Melbourne. On the island you can see koalas, kangaroos and the main to attraction, the Pengui....
Australia : A Continent In One Country
Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world and is divided into 6 states and several territories. The 6 states are New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western ...
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